Flu iiq

Measured Solutions for Health (MESH)

Measured Solutions for Health (MESH) is a specialist consultancy focusing on the development and application of Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement (PROM) for the healthcare sector. We offer expert advice in the application and interpretation of PROMs, validation and cultural adaptation.

MESH is the sole licence provider of the flu-iiQTM – the Influenza intensity and impact Questionnaire.

The flu-iiQTM is the most widely used and trusted influenza PROM worldwide and is used by many of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies to determine the effectiveness of new influenza products.

The flu-iiQTM was developed and tested using a validity-driven approach, in which the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the requirements of regulatory bodies such as the FDA were very carefully considered.

The flu-iiQTM meets and exceeds modern psychometric standards and is the only influenza tool included in the FDA CDISC initiative. Each year an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies use the flu-iiQTM as a primary or secondary outcome measure in clinical trials.

The flu-iiQTM has been translated to over 50 languages and has been administered more than 500,000 times across all continents. Use of any of the 50+ translations is included under the one licence.

A licence to use the flu-iiQTM is available only through MESH.