Flu iiq

flu-iiQTM used in a global vaccine trial

In a paper recently published regarding a large trial in which the flu-iiQTM was used the authors conclude:

“To our knowledge, this is the first clinical efficacy trial of an influenza vaccine to report PROs due to the previous lack of a valid and reliable measure for influenza. Currently, complete prevention of influenza illness through vaccination appears to be unachievable, and thus, the primary aim of vaccination in elderly people may lie in the prevention of severe illness and reduction in morbidity and burden of influenza-associated complications. Such outcomes are ideally measured by PROs, which are relevant in the real-life setting and capture the experience of patients.”

Gerrit A van Essen, Jiri Beran, Jeanne-Marie Devaster, Christelle Durand, Xavier Duval, Meral Esen, Ann R Falsey, Gregory Feldman, Pierre Gervais, Bruce L. Innis, Martina Kovac, Odile Launay, Geert Leroux-Roels, Janet  E McElhaney, Shelly McNeil, Mohammed Oujaa, Jan Hendrik Richardus, Guillermo Ruiz-Palacios, Richard H Osborne and Lidia Oostvogels. (2014) Influenza symptoms and their impact on elderly adults: randomised trial of AS03-adjuvanted or non-adjuvanted inactivated trivalent seasonal influenza vaccines. Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses 00(00), 000–000. doi:10.1111/irv.12245.